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Celebrating Newmarket, the home of horse racing.

Our home, the home of horse racing.

Celebrating Newmarket

Fundraising, Fund Giving Facilitating & Youth Mentoring & Internships.

The Newmarket Festival – a social and community fundraising project based in the heart of East Anglia.

The Festival promotes Newmarket’s economy and invests in its community. The main Festival fortnight is at the beginning of July coinciding with the July Festival an integral part of the racing calendar. We also hold a number of events outside this period.

What the Newmarket Festival does:

  • Fundraising

  • Fund Giving

  • Facilitating Youth Mentoring & Internships

Fund Giving:

  • Cultural & Sporting

  • Educational

  • Community Projects


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Festival Stories

News and Updates

A Winning Formula
A Winning Formula

When student Jack Lockwood told members of the Newmarket Festival Committee about his ambition to work in motor racing they thought his dream was worth investment.

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Academy students to step into the den
Academy students to step into the den
Students from Newmarket Academy have been invited to pitch for funding to a panel of four ‘Dragons’ from The Newmarket Festival committee. Based on the concept of the popular TV show, the finalists will face a live pitch lasting up to 10 minutes with the aim of securing the funding required for their submission. Initial […]
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Newmarket’s first Bill Tutte scholar.
A Newmarket student who received a near fatal gunshot wound as he celebrated his A level results, has been named as Newmarket’s first Bill Tutte scholar.
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People We Have Funded


SPICE Guides


"SPICE Guides - A Girl Guides group for girls with special needs who are not able to take part in other guiding groups."

ACL Street Sports


"The Street Sports sessions running in Newmarket works with young people aged 12 to 18."

U13 girls football team


""At the moment we don’t have training kit, rain jackets, and our match kits are 2nd hand.""

Ormiston Children & Families


"To support the provision of a range of accredited parenting programmes and one-to-one support for parents/carers and young people from Newmarket College. "

celebrating Newmarket


The aims of the Festival are to organise community based events to celebrate our marvellous, unique town, promoting its economy whilst also offering financial support to various local causes. Our vision:

  • To celebrate all of the Newmarket that we know – not just the racing and nightclubs that most visitors know us for

  • To give people who come to Newmarket a reason to stay longer, visit our shops and learn about our businesses

  • To help the young people of Newmarket lift their aspirations and give them the skills and opportunities to help them achieve them

  • To help join together the different groups and bodies that are working to improve Newmarket

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