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Newmarket Covid-19 Fund – Hot Meals Scheme

13th May 2020

The Hot Meals Scheme has been set up to deliver hot meals every Friday for children in  school that are eligible for Free School Meals. This initiative has been pushed out to the elderly residents in our area that need some help at this time. With local organisations working together to make this happen. Volunteers deliver these meals with the help of Discover Newmarket with the kind use of their vehicles. The meals are prepared each week working on a rota system of catering outfits that all wanted to help at this time. Jockey Club Catering, Montaz restaurant, Chestnut Group, Bedford Lodge Hotel and the British Racing School all take turns to prepare these meals.

The First week Montaz restaurant delivered 42 meals free of charge to these families. Powters have also kindly donated sausages for bangers and mash the following week and continue to support us.

At the last count we delivered 142 meals, this number continues to rise each week.

The Newmarket Covid-19 Fund enables this service to continue funds the food cost for this project. All catering organisations give their time voluntarily to provide this service.

Montaz kindly donated 47 meals in the

first week

Powterpowters donated their lovely sausages in week 2 for Bangers and Mash lunches

Lasagne courtesy of Jockey Club Catering

Delivered with a smile

              Thank you to the Chefs at the                 Bedford Lodge  Hotel

188 Portions of Shepherd’s Pie Thank you to our volunteers each week that deliver to our families

Thank you to the chefs at the Jockey Club Rooms for preparing Curry and Rice

Strawberries for Pudd, what a treat Thank you to our regular volunteers that continue to deliver to our families each week