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Improving childhood literacy

One-to-one reading help

The Newmarket Festival joined forces with Newmarket Weekly News back in 2013, launching the Let’s Read Scheme following on from hearing about a similar scheme launched by the Evening Standard “Get London Reading”. The campaign named “Let’s Read Newmarket” called for volunteers within the local community to volunteer in the local schools giving one to one reading time to individuals that would benefit from their time.

The Newmarket Festival has always supported the Scheme and hosted the Afternoon Teas. These are organised to thank you all the volunteers for the valuable hours that they dedicate to the local children in our schools and the scheme has made an enormous difference to childhood literacy in our immediate area.

We currently have seven schools that have volunteers regularly attending their schools and giving up their time working on a one to one basis with the children to help improve the literacy skills. We are always on the look out for additional volunteers, so if you feel that you could help then please do get in touch with Ali Price

We know it is good for the children, it will help us and it will be good for Newmarket – and we think you will enjoy it to!

All of the visitors are amazing, giving up their time to sit outside a class and listen to us read. They could be sitting at a coffee shop with their friend chatting away. the visitors don’t even get paid.

Chloe (11)

I think it makes a huge difference because people who can’t read to their Mum, Dad or siblings will be able to read to someone.

Travis (10)

A volunteer listening helps to improve our understanding as well as supporting confidence. It also sometimes helps us appreciate the books we are reading by having our own voices telling the story.

Ruby (11)

Become a volunteer for Let's Read