A Winning Formula

6th January 2017

When student Jack Lockwood told members of the Newmarket Festival Committee about his ambition to work in motor racing they thought his dream was worth investment.

And when he pitched to the festival’s Dragons at the then Newmarket College, now Newmarket Academy, in 2012, they were so impressed they gave him £200 to buy tools so he could rebuild a Mini engine and pursue his ambition to become a motor racing technician.

Four years later and Jack is on the verge of realising his dream. In 2013 he helped to build a Lotus Elan which raced at Spa as well as building a sports car. During this time he was supported and inspired by one of his then teachers Dr David Kirkham.

Jack went on to gain valuable work experience with Team Leo, a successful local motor racing team. He also impressed a number of universities which led to an unconditional offer to study motor sport engineering at Oxford Brookes University.

While at university, he was offered an internship as an engineer with the Red Bull Formula 1 racing team.

And now coming to the end of his degree course he has been offered a full time post with Red Bull when he finishes his studies.

“I remember Jack well as I was one of the Newmarket festival Dragons in 2012,” said Mark Edmondson, chairman of the Newmarket Festival committee.

“Can you imagine the satisfaction that this has given us to hear that Jack is doing so well and has secured full time employment within the Red Bull’s F1 team?

“His parents said without our initial grant he couldn’t have pursued his ambition and, in their words, we changed his life.

“The Newmarket Festival invests in the young people of Newmarket to help them achieve their dreams and we are so proud of Jack.”